// materials presented below are all artists' take on the subjects//

Pandora Box


Traffic cones are what puts boundaries to places where there weren't boundaries before. However, they are necessary boundaries, ones that we need to abide by to create harmony. The breaking of the cone signifies the breakthrough of a limit. often known as freedom, but in another case, the same thing as opening a pandora box.


In the Eye of the Beholder


The color blue often signifies peace, and there is a single chair there in front of the trash dumping sign. This signifies the beauty in the eye of the beholder. To some, chairs are very important and can hold lots of potentials. To some, this chair is just old and no longer needed. The chair may be signifying a certain action or presence of the trash dump. Perhaps it's written to remind us, that even though some trash may seem like treasure to some of us, it's still trash.



Christen McCreavy_Lifeline_0001.jpg

The message I am visualizing in my art piece would be inhumane treatment of immigrant families being arrested and separated from each other. I chose to illustrate the recent event that I heard on the news this summer, in which a young girl Jimena from El Salvador along with her mother, were crossing the border to get into the U.S. until border patrol captured and separated them both. I drew an image of 6-year old girl, Alison Jimena Valencia Madrid pleading for anyone from border patrol to call her aunt, going so far as reciting her Aunt’s cellphone number she memorized in her native tongue, Spanish so someone could dial the number to reach her. Eventually a consular official did help Jimena reach her aunt. Her aunt in turn, was so thankful she taught her to memorize the number and would be safe. Other children unfortunately may not have the luck she had to be able to get in contact with her family. As someone who has grown up my whole life with having a close bond to my own aunt, hearing this tragic story really hit home for me. I hope she and other immigrant families will be re-united again.




Is there one specific answer to a happy life?


Life (n.)

--- an adventure completely unpredictable


… since you never know where you will end up. Destiny creates a path for each special individual, acknowledging the fact that we all have our own patterns. Facing each direction of our own, life will take you to a place where you are meant to be.


What if every single species on this planet were just clones of one another?

Our society would be nothing but a stale piece of bread.


Accept the beauty of difference.


These unique individuals come together to make “our” society so special.


Cake by the Ocean

EileenKang_Cake By The Ocean_1.png

This multimedia creation completed by acrylic paint, cotton, red-heart sprinkles, paper, and confetti portrays a woman with an idealistic body shape being served on a piece of ‘blue’ cake to represent how today’s society views women with perfect bodies as an “object being served” rather than a rightful individual human being.


Despite the vibrant movement of feminists, women are still objectified on media, and its branch got expanded through the development of social media. The bloody waves of the pink ocean depicts the factors of society that pressure women of having to meet the expectations of today’s beauty standards. The woman on the cake represents how these women are “served” to the society.


Morning Commute

MOrning Commute.jpg

I was first inspired by the skyscrapers around the world. In this work, I tried to fuse cyberpunk and pop art theme. The material used Linoleum block for stamping and acrylic paint. 




Resist captures The United States’ modern role in international women’s rights. Hair, simultaneously a symbol of a women’s strength and a tool used by the American government to oppress, is used as a medium to identify the diversity of the women affected by American policies and the struggles they all face. However, no issue exists in a vacuum; each cause is intertwined. For the sake of women from Syria to my hometown of Cleveland, it is time we resist as a united force. Headlines do not define us –together, we control our fate.

// materials presented above are all artists' take on the subjects//