Achimsol Lee is a student that enjoys making and finds it satisfying to complete her artwork. She also enjoys both machine sewing and hand stitching to make clothings and images.


Eliea Zehra

Eliea Zehra is a 14 year old student from Pakistan. She has a great passion for writing non-fiction pieces. What might just seem words scattered on a piece of paper to some, to her it’s her world of expression. She likes to write about the status quo and become the voice of the voiceless. She primarily aims onto writing thought-provoking essays against brutality and injustice. She plans on blogging in the upcoming years of her life so that she can express her thoughts and opinions on a platform where her words won’t go unheard. Eliea Zehra participates in various online essay writing competitions to brush up her writing skills and looks forward on becoming a tremendous journalist one day.

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Chiwoong Na ( James Na) is an 18 year old artist who also has a perfect pitch. He self-studied piano and has making music, watching films and painting for hobbies. It is unclear what he wants to do; he is seeking for a great combination of art and music for his future career.

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Keanu Lee

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Siwoo Jung

Siwoo Jung is currently attending Branksome Hall Asia. Mainly, she loves to paint landscapes and enjoys mixing different colors to create art works. 

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Athena Haq

Athena Haq is a freshman in the creative writing department at the High School for Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, Texas. She enjoys writing poetry and dancing. She has narrated fiction for the Cast of Wonders podcast.

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Emily Hanna

Emily Hanna is 14 years old and lives in Valdosta, Ga. She lives with her parents, sister, and two cats. She loves poetry and cooking, and when she grows up she want to become a poet and a professional chef.


Jiin Park

Jiin Park studies environmental design at Art Center College of Design. She likes to travel around the world, meet people from various countries and learn their culture. She often melts those experiences and stories in her work.

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Savina Kwon

Savina Kwon is attending  school in Hochiminh city, Vietnam. She had moved to school a few times in Korea and Vietnam. Through these experiences, she was able to learn in the big field and learned to adapt to new fields with different cultures. These made her think more widely not caught up in a way of thinking and also affect her style of art.  She enjoys writing and draws which can express her thoughts.


Wan Jeong

Wan Jeong is a junior student in GSIS. Art has always been her greatest interest under the influence of her mother. Though she is not planning to major in art, art will always be a part of her life. HOYA magazine has been a great experience for her.

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