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The Hope of Young Artists (HOYA) Magazine was co-founded in November 2017, by Editor-in- Sarah Yun, and Co-Editors Amy Yu, and Yoonji Kim. The current members on the editorial board are Amy Yu (Writing Editor), Jasmine Ko (Media Editor) and Sarah Yun (Art Editor/publisher). The HOYA magazine is a triannual literary art magazine with publications every spring, autumn, and winter. It reaches out to young artists and writers and provides a platform for their respective works. The magazine inquires young artists and writers about their take on global issues for them to raise awareness and express their own stance. For more information, please contact us at thehoyamagazine@gmail.com







The HOYA Magazine is open to all students ages 14 and above. We hope that this is a platform where young creators can freely express and raise awareness on issues that they believe should be addressed. This is our third issue and we couldn’t wait to find out what our young artists and writers were concerned about this winter of 2018. For the Fall Edition of 2018, we went again and expanded last edition's theme of “Global Issues.” We are very honored to be able to share their powerful stance with the world.