// materials presented below are all writers' take on the subjects//



"Insanity" is a pencil drawing meant to depict the feeling of insanity or an anxiety attack. Through drawing eyes on the hands, it is trying to signify how when in an anxiety attack it feels as if everyone is watching everything you do. As a person who has anxiety attacks I wanted to depict the insanity and the feelings that go into such events. 


The Unknown Space


“The Unknown Space” is a mixed media art project meant to display the emotions in a homosexual relationship. It is meant to display that in some homosexual relationships, one may be comfortable with their sexuality and displaying their affection. This is shown through the right silhouette of a man with the flowers, rings, and a warm view of a sunset. The other side is supposed to represent when a homosexual may feel uncomfortable or have the thought of someone judging while dating the other person. The hands in the middle are not touching in the actual installation showing that with these thoughts and fear with the relationship, the couple will have a hard time to have a lasting relationship while in the shadows, the hands are touching. This is supposed to represent a relationship where there are no third-party people judging the relationship as well as if the world treated homosexual relationships are heterosexual relationships. The shadows represent a world where homosexuality is not judged. 


Guilt Swapping


The illustration shows a polar bear lying on a dock, smoking a cigarette. The water was frozen solid until global warming impacted our Earth. The baby is on top of an ice that was melted from GW. The baby is supposed to be a baby polar bear since it's shifting away from the dock. The polar bear smoking (to resemble a human), doesn't really care about GW, and just ignores the baby, even discarding the cigarette the polar bear smoked.


Contagious Laughter

1544871688271 (1).jpg

The seperate pieces that make up this artwork were originally created seperately but eventually became a part of a larger piece representative of "Contagious Laughter." While the three pieces are very particular in their own style and sense, one of the singular most noticiable similarity is the pleasant expression.

The grandpa was created using oil pastels with a stipling technique. The the apple was created using acrylics with a flat stroke technique. The sloth was made using Prisma color oil based colored pencils.




This artwork was inspired by rigid standardized education in many conventional institutions and social media. The work is mostly dominated by cold colors to show how inhumane it is to categorize students and the figures wear globes which distracts them with social media. Additionally the tubes attached to the students are made to look like parasites sucking off the colorful nature of children.

// materials presented above are all writers' take on the subjects//