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Alan is a rising junior in SIS, and he enjoys doodling during his free time very much, and it provides him a substantial amount of joy.

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Amirah Al Wassif is a freelance
writer(29) years old,from egypt
She has written articles, novels,
short stories poems and songs.
Five of her books were written in
Arabic and many of her English
works have been published in
various cultural magazines.
Amirah is passionate about
producing literary works for
children, teens and adults which
represent cultures from around
the world. Her first book, was
published in 2014 and her latest
illustrated book, The Cocoa Book
and Other Stories is forthcoming.






Cole Roberts a bright 18-year-old high school student who pushes positive energy and outspoken leadership.  His caring and benevolent mindset is key to keeping happy and healthy relationships with others around him. He values hard work and dedication to his craft in order to make a masterpiece out of his creations. His integrity and honesty prove that he is worthy to a challenge, no matter how big it is.













Crystal Cho is a junior at Boston University. She holds strong passion for meaningful works of art, and enjoys sharing her artworks with others.











Erin is  16 years old and likes expressing her idea through drawing and she is a young artist that wants to make change in world and help the issues happening all over the world. 



Isabel is a year 10 student at Seoul International School. She is fifteen years old and currently lives in South Korea. Isabel values her culture, friends, family, and loyalty. Although she is not quite the skilled artist she would like to be, she has taken interest in taking photos and she wishes to capture beautiful moments in life. Isabel is also passionate about writing and wishes to touch people with her writing pieces on a wide range of emotions. She dreams of pursuing a career relating to the fields of psychology and literature. 







Patrick is a rising senior at Northview High School. He is an avid writer and artist always dedicated to searching out new voices. He has attended the Kenyon Review Young Writers workshop, been published by the American High School Poets, and excerpted in the New York Times. He is an avid defender of minority voices, his favorite television shows, and the Oxford comma.





PVPD Sri Harsha is very passionate about poetry, photography, sketches, videos and recently has received third prize in essay writing competition. From June 2017, with the help of, his sketches are being published in three magazines, wotisart, average art and A5 magazines. Further, just by typing his name on Google YouTube his information can be gathered.