Robyn An

Robyn An is a future doctor who writes in her free time. When she's not studying the human body, she's often writing powerful stories and scripts about global issues. She is a hard working student who dreams of doing great things in the future. 


Elly Choi

Elly Choi is a 15 year old freshman at Seoul International School. She enjoys drama and acting and has always wanted to pursue a career in the acting business. Besides acting in plays, she also enjoys directing and writing plays about anything ranging from comedy and romance to pieces that cover sensitive subjects. She started mock trial in the Summer of 2017, and has been more open to talking about global issues after being exposed to the harsh realities of the criminal justice system.


Eileen Guo

Eileen has always loved art and had always dreamed of painting. Ever since she started drawing with charcoal, she remembered seeing all the beautiful paintings the other students had drawn. Color had a way of speaking to her, and a way of expressing more life-like objects. Being able to hold the brush, and control every stroke with a different amount of paint, different amounts of water, was such a different experience for her and she immediately fell in love with it. After her first painting, Eileen knew that she had to continue drawing.The aspect of color really intrigued her. Starting off with oil pastel, then watercolor, charcoal, and now using oil paint, Eileen has had a lot of experience and interest for art. She feels that with different types of media, she can express more of her ideas through different forms on what once was, a blank canvas.


Sumin Jeon

Sumin is a ninth-grade student at Concordia International School Shanghai. She has previously lived in Seoul, South Korea, and currently lives in Shanghai, China, a lively city with exceptional history. While Sumin is an ardent fan of both Korean and American baseball, some of her other hobbies include listening to music, reading, and playing sports. After graduating high school, Sumin hopes to study chemistry, computer science, sports science, or maybe, language.


Hannah Jung

Hannah enjoyed pottery and ceramics ever since she was little. She enjoys ceramics because clay is an artistic material which can be used to express her impulsive personality. Hannah is very versatile in terms of what she can do, for example, she enjoys singing, drawing, ceramics, cosmetology, volleyball, badminton, fashion design, etc. However, due to this versatility, she has a hard time deciding her future path and her future aspirations are yet to be discovered.


Isabel Jung

Isabel is a year 9 student at Seoul International School. She is fourteen years old and currently lives in South Korea. Isabel values her culture, friends, family, and loyalty. Although she is not quite the skilled artist she would like to be, she has recently taken interest in taking photos with her camera and she wishes to capture beautiful moments in life. Isabel is also passionate about writing and wishes to touch people with her pieces whether the emotions are anger, bitter, fear, or joy. She dreams of pursuing a career relating to the fields of psychology and literature. Two quotes that keep her on feet are: “Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth” and “Make sure you live in the moment and work your butt off every single day... be humble and be grateful for all the blessings in your life”.


Michelle Jung

Michelle Jung is a ninth grader attending Seoul International School (class of 2021). She enjoys creating visual artworks. Occasionally she reads science books.  


Ji Hye Kwon

Ji-hye Kwon is middle school third grader(9th grade). She is currently home schooling at her home. Ji-hye was born in October 17 2003, currently living in Seoul, South Korea. She is very energetic girl who loves playing badminton, and skating. Furthermore, she likes debating about current issues and listening to music. She dreams to go to university and study more about astronomy, because she is always passionate to discover new solar system and being friends with aliens.

Erin Lee

Erin likes expressing her idea through drawing and she is a young artist that wants to make change in world and help the issues happening all over the world. 

Ashley Park

Ashley Park is a 15-year-old, freshman that attends Seoul International School in Seongnam. In her previous years, she has been an active violinist as well as being very active with her art. She has previously won a Scholastic Gold Key Award in Mixed Media Art in 2015. She is currently in the National Art Honor Society Club at her school as well attending many art classes. In her free time, she likes to draw cartoons, take pictures using her camera, and watch videos of her favorite celebrities.