Wrong From The Start

“Hey, you still awake?” asked Adalet.


“Um... Yah I think,” replied Jessie.


“You’re awake now,” laughed Adalet. She was looking at Jessie who’s trying to stay awake.


“I... Think.... So......”


“You’re not really into this, aren’t you,” questioned Adalet.


“Actually, I really want to sleep now.”


Adalet laughed little, “Okay, then see you tomorrow,” said Adalet.




Jessie and Adalet were watching a video clip in Adalet’s room. Adalet and Jessie are in the same class in school. Recently they’ve been learning about women rights in their social class. By the help of Daniel (one of girls’ classmate) repulsing to their social studies teacher Mr. Deal the whole class was assigned an essay, that is due Friday which means girls only have 2 more days to work on their essay. Adalet found out the topic was very fascinating so she was into this assignment. She spent most of her day and her effort to her essay. ‘Women Right’ was a topic that Adalet always wished to discuss about; or maybe she begged to discuss about this.


“Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep”


“Wake up! We’re late!” shouted Jessie, she shook Adalet forcibly.


Both girls were late for school. They had to get dressed up in 10 minutes or they were going miss thier bus.


“ummm.... Just 10 more minutes, please....” said Adalet, but soon noticed they were late ‘because she’ve never seen Jessie this busy before.


Jessie was busy doing her makeup and her hair, and Adalet she took a shower and dried her wet hair.


“Should I wear yellow crotty or dark reddish shirt? Which looks better on me?” shouted Jessie. The sound of the hair drier blocked her voice from reaching to Adalet.


“Okay, I’ll just wear anything,” said Jessie to herself. She looked at the clock and the clock was pointing 8:57 with its little arms. “We’re going to be late! HURRY!”


“Don’t worry about me,” scoffed Adalet, she was already running down the stairs. She tossed the key to Jessie who was packing her beg in her room.


“I’m going, hope to see you again in the bus.” noticed Adalet, she smiled at Jessie and started to run out the door.


“WAIT!!!” yelled Jessie, she came down the stair and she found out Adalet was gone. “Can’t she wait for a sec.?”Jessie mumbled to herself, and she locked the door and ran as fast as she can toward the bus.


Luckily, thanks to the bus driver he was waiting for Jessie. She said thank you with the biggest smile she could ever make in her whole life. Then she found Adalet sitting next to the window. Jessie made a face at her and set next to her.


“You’re welcome,” said the bus driver at Jessie’s back.


The girls chatted about the things that happened around the globe while they were sleeping. They discussed why Justin Bibber and Selena Gomez should get back together, they talked about the songs they like and farther more they talked about hot boys in school. After talking for a while, the bus stopped and the driver opened door.


Both girls went to their locker; they took their books and locked their locker. They said hello to their friends and talked about why their teacher should give them small amount of homework and why government has to eliminate all tests.


“Ding, Dang, Dong.” The bell told students that it was time for their classes to start.


“After this class, I’m going to raid into the broadcasting room and change the bell. This bell is too unattractive and most importantly it takes away my passion to study hard,” complained Jessie to her partner. “Want to join me? I’ll let you pick the soundtrack.”


“Oh, really? I’ll think about it,” giggled Jessie’s partner.


Teacher came into class and she started her class. Her match class never changed, same, old, and mostly boring. She told the class about how she got interested in math, how she worked and studied hard to attend to a university that she wanted for her whole life. Furthermore, always in the last she kindly imprinted into every single student’s brain how math can help people’s lives convenient and reasons why students should get excited about learning new formula every day.


The bell went on again.


“Oh! That was fast, class dismissed. Hope to see you guys again.” Teacher disappeared through the door.

“Finally! Maybe it’s a bad idea to change the bell. Now I love it! The sound is so, so, sooooooooo loud, big no one can ignore it. I LOVE THIS BELL!” shouted Jessie.


Kids in the class laughed and one by one they started to leave the class. Next 2 classes passed. The fourth class was social studies class. Adalet got so excited. She never stopped talking about the assignment to her friends. Jessie gave a look at Adalet saying ‘Cease mentioning about that, no one will agree to you. They’ll just think outstanding student Adalet.’ Adalet smiled at her and shook her head. Jessie and Adalet went into the classroom. Soon Mr. Deal came in.


“Hello, class. Aren’t you guys excited?” asked Mr. Deal laughing.


“What?” or “Nah” were only answers Mr. Deal got from the class.


“Tomorrow is a big, big day. So I’m going to be very generous today. I know you guys are working super hard day and night on your essays... So I thought you might need more time. Therefore today we are going to work on your essays. You guys okay with that?”


“YUP!” Daniel told Mr. Deal. “YOU CAN COUNT ON ME, SIR!” he added with confidence.


“You can use your phones to look up at some data you need,” Mr. Deal noticed to the class.


“He just ignored me.” Daniel told it to his friend Jason with disappointment in his voice.


“May be he thought your word was unreliable.” Jason told exactly what Mr. Deal wanted to, to Daniel. Daniel got speechless.


Meanwhile Jessie and Adalet was googling passionately or chatting, may be


“To define the definition of essay, essay is, generally, a piece of writing that gives the author’s own argument. You heard that? It just has to contain your own argument. It just has to have one main idea and 3 details and some evidence to support your ideas, easy, right? So stop complaining and just start writing! You did this in elementary and I remember you got B, right? You can do this to. So shut up and just start writing. No more whining or complaining, got it?”

Adalet lost her patient her sister it’s unfair to write essay because of Daniel’s rush act. Soon Jessie took in her circumstances and started to format her essay.

All classmates worked hard. Adalet worked hard; before one boy destroyed her concentration

“You are working hard, Adalet. May I say something?” said Patrick.


“In my opinion, if women just accept their position in this society and be satisfied with their situation the world didn’t had to be and doesn’t have to be this crowded. Because of ‘women’ being so greedy and willing and fighting for more positions where they can show their ability, all these troublesome abdicated emperor are happening. First thing the topic and intent of this essay is wrong. It’s their entire (women) fault.”

Adalet got speechless, in a negative way.

“You’ve got the point, dude. I totally agree with you. They should be grateful for the world by just giving them suffrage,” Patrick’s partner laughed.

“Girls are problem.”


Adalet was speechless and couldn’t say a word. She was finding some facts, some logical and useful fact in her brain so she can say something. She kept googled in her brain, things she can say to them, but nothing came up. She was shocked hardly. Bell rang. Social teacher told the class some of them were going to bring out their essay in front of the class, and people who do presentation will get plus score for this assignment. Adalet heard Mr. Deal talking but nothing came into her brain. She just pursed her lips and trudged to her locker. While walking she budged into some people but she didn’t say sorry to them. She was in total shock. What Patrick said to her was shocking.


“How could they? When men were out in the war women are the one who did all the economic activity and supported them. Women took care of almost everything in their nation. They did everything so they can contribute their country,” said Adalet. Her blank face told Jessie everything.


“Those two hardly reads a book or think. Maybe that’s why they talked that way. Just keep them out of your head. In that way it’ll be easier for you to concentrate on your things,” comforted Jessie.


“In the past, men just rest in their room reading some papers so they could get some intellectual information and get smarter. Women? They cooked, cleaned, shopped, took care of their child (ren) and did more tremendous stuffs. If there were no women---,” continued Adalet.


“Man weren’t able to rule a country in a rightful way. I got it,” said Jessie.


“Those talks make me angry, very angry, VERY VERY VERY ANGRY with them. How could they say that in 21th century?” asked Adalet. Her voice changed; sadness to anger.


“Like I told you, just keep it out of your head. I felt bad but I cleared them from my brain. Now look at me I’m very peaceful. It’s their freedom to say things they want and express their thoughts. Freedom of speech, you now?”




“Just find your inner peace. One fat panda have found its inner peace, why not you?” Jessie laughed a little. Not a single microscopic movement was allowed in Adalet’s face.


Jessie got bothersome of her sister’s sensitive emotions. Inside of Jessie, she wasn’t able to understand her sister being so sensitive but she felt bad about her sister being hurt.


“Uncivilized, uncivilized than other uncivilized living things that is living in our planet. Ungrateful., stupid, with no brain.---” Adalet continued to say mean things she can say.


“Hope your fucking good essay get an F. Chicken who doesn’t have enough braveness to say it out loud--” Jessie started too. She seemed she was enjoying.


“What?” asked Adalet.


“Just say anything that will make you feel better. Confound them, like what just I did right now.”


“You are both cursing them and reducing your stress. It’s like to kill two birds with one stone. What a benefit it is, right?” said Jessie. She smiled at Adalet; one eyebrow lifted suggesting Adalet to follow her.


“It’s mean to say--,”


“OH MY GOSH, FUCK UP! YOU CARE ABOUT BEING MEAN WHILE YOU’RE UPSET? Patrick is the one who started being mean to you, revenge him. Tell class what he said to you, revenge!” emphasized Jessie.


“Actually that’s a really good idea but I’m going to eat first,” said Adalet. “FUCK!” whispered Adalet.


“That’s my sister,” said Jessie with a huge smile on her face.


After lunch, girls practiced football for their lunch break. They took a shower and went back to their class. They worked hard for last two periods and the school ended. Jessie and Adalet changed their cloth into their uniform. The sun was shining brightly outside on the field, bright enough to make girls cry. The girls dynamically ran on the field. It looked like the field was their stage and they were the main dancers. They looked passionate and also very responsible of playing football. After practice ended they rode their bicycle to home. They bought some flowers and bread for their snack.


“HOME!!” both girls shouted.


“It always feels good to be home,” said Adalet putting her sweaty, smelly shirt, socks and her training pants into the laundry.


“Yup!” Jessie tossed her clothes to Adalet.


“Ewww, yours smell worse than mine,” Adalet’s voice sound nasally. She was holding her nose because of the stinky smell that was slowly filling the house.


“That shows I practiced more zestfully today,” smiled Jessie proudly.


“We should really open the windows before your zestfully stinking smell permeates in our house.”


“45% of this smell is yours, too!” complained Jessie.


“If we do the math 100 minus 45 equals 55 which means your smell is one and two of nine times quickly feeling our house,” Adalet patted herself. She thought it was the most logic statement she has ever made in her life.


“Whatever. Hope your noticing I’m one point eight times closer to the bathroom than you!” Jessie was already in the bath room and she locked the door. “Enjoy your waiting!”


“Forgot I had to take shower,” mumbled Adalet. While Jessie was taking her bath she cleaned the house and turned on the washing machine. She opened all the windows in her house and made her bed. She searched some information she can use in her essay on her white and black laptop that has skull shaped sticker pasted on top of it. Annoyingly loud sound of washing machine helped Adalet to concentrate on her work.


“Pass me the towel!” shouted Jessie.


Adalet was so concentrating she wasn’t able to hear Jessie shouting.


“Hello? Anybody home?” shouted Jessie again.


Adalet still didn’t replied.


“Hey!” Jessie striked Adalet on her back.


“What?!” Adalet looked back. “Oh... Sorry, I was so into my work I didn’t heard you,” Adalet laughed a little bit and she opened the drawer and passed Jessie the towel.


“I was so into my work, sorry,” mimicked Jessie. Water droplets were dripping from her head. Jessie stared at Adalet then she went back into the bathroom. A little pond was made where Jessie was standing. Adalet wiped the floor with mop and she went into the bathroom. She took a shower and dried her hair and her body. Then she sat in her bed with her unique laptop in her hand. Jessie was sitting on a sofa with her cherry pink laptop on her lap. Both girls soon started to work on their essay. Keyboard tapping sound filled the house. It was very pleasant to listen to the sounds of girls working hard. Soon Jessie fell asleep. Soon the sun started to hide. Beams of sunshine and cool breeze entered two girls’ house. Adalet felt the light and the breeze on her cheek. She realized it was time to lull her grumbling belly.


“Jessie!” called Adalet. She came out of her bed and put on her slipper and went up to the living room.

“Hey,” Adalet woke Jessie up.


“Um, time for dinner right?” asked Jessie quietly.


“Yes. You want to eat spaghetti?”


“That sound good,” smiled Jessie.


“Wanna help me?”


Jessie forced Adalet to get out of the kitchen. She told Adalet that today’s dinner was on her. Adalet went back to her room and continued working on her essay. The sizzling sound of oil and the smell of aglio e olio were well combined. Adalet smelled it and came down to the kitchen. Jessie’s spaghetti was exactly same as the image that’s in her gallery. It was oily and smelled salty.


“Seems like it’s eatable,” commented Adalet. Then she ate her spaghetti and raised her thumb to Jessie. Jessie smiled and started to eat hers. After their pleasant dinner they went to Jessie’s room. Their parents called them and told girls Swiss was amazing; the combination of cloudless blue sky and pepper green hills and mountains were really amazing. They said there wasn’t any word that can describe the nature of Swiss. Girl’s parents wished them a good night and hang their phone.


“Bon voyage.” Both girl wished farewell for their parents. Soon they started to work on their burden of homework and their most important essay. They asked each other for better expression and some information that they need.

“Feeling like being a model student?” Jessie chuckled. She was impressed with her sister’s hard work. She took a photo of her and posted on instargram. #hard working sister #dailygram #must be A+ #concentrating with adidas black training pants # coffee in one hand


“Ah... Just want to admit to Patrick that he’s wrong and would you please delet my beautiful photo from your account? Someone might get resilient,” said Adalet turning off her phone.


“Weren’t you working?” asked Jessie.


“I was 5 seconds ago. Now shut up and work hard.”


Soon Adalet went to her room and practiced her presentation. Mr. Deal never mentioned about Adalet doing the presentation but she was getting ready for her ‘if’. Jessie was snoozing on in her bed. Pink soft and warm blanket covering her leg and fluffy pillow supporting her neck was a perfect environment for her to sleep.


Back in Adlaet’s room Adalet was pondering about title for her essay. She was clicking her pen and scribbled down some things that she can use for her title. Her eyes got big and she rapidly tapped her key board. She turned off the light, went into her soft cushioned bed and fell asleep.


Adalet woke up at 7 in the morning. She went to Jessie’s room and turned on the light. She opened all the curtains in her house. Warm sunshine came into girl’s house. The house was being heated swiftly. Jessie and Adalet took a shower and did their makeup. Jessie was wearing sky blue straight pants, yellow short shirt, and a sneaker. Adalet was wearing red adidas training pants and Jordan anorak, as usual. Both girls walked to school.


“There’s a butterfly in my stomach,” said Adalet.


“You even don’t know if you are going to do presentation of yours,” laughed Jessie. She thought Adalet was way being over the top. Even Mr. Deal never told her publicly or even personally that she was going to read her essay for the class.


“I know but, I’m just nervous to submit my essay. Hope he gives us extra time.”


Adalet was biting her nails. She used to bite her nails when she get nervous or anxious. Her legs were shaking, shaking harder than after her football practice. Her face muscles were wrinkled and her body was twisted like a twisted breadsticks. Jessie got uncomfortable with her sister’s attitude. Adalet never got nervous right before the junior football national convention or when she was in trouble. Today’s attitude of Adalet was very fascinating or may be new to Jessie.


“Think the nature’s calling me,” said Adalet. She twisted her legs.


Jessie laughed out loudly. She set down on the road and laughed holding her aching stomach because of her laugh. There were tears in her eyes.


“You only need to walk few more steps.”


Adalet ran to bathroom. Jessie told her classmate about Adalet’s weird and new attitude. Her friends got surprised. They just kept saying “Really?” and laughed. First class for girls today was science. Jessie always made reactions like she got inspired of what teacher said. She had crush in science teacher. According to her she loved his sexy eye and handsome shoulder. Adalet wasn’t able to understand her because first she wasn’t interested in people whose sex chromosome was different from her, second she just couldn’t understand her sister’s unpredictable brain. Second class was P.E. Both girls went out to the wide field where orange cons were placed. They ran from one cone to another, they practiced kicking balls with their whole strength. After playing one game the class ended. Entire teams’ face was glowing under the sun light. They took a shower and got dressed in their locker room.

Jessie and Adalet ran to their next class with their book and laptop in their hand. The third class was their long- awaited social class. Mr. Deal entered the class room right after girls took their seat. In his hand there was huge cardboard box that has class supplies sign in front of it. He was wearing neat black suit. Adalet got more nervous because she thought Mr. Deal’s out was telling her this class means something quite big to him.


“It’s such a nice day, class. See the cloudless, blue, amazingly beautiful sky? I almost crashed into a car that was in front of me. I was so busy appreciating sky.” Mr. Deal laughed. “Give me your essays. I’m willing to read yours.”

Class submitted their essay.


“I can see you guys worked hard. There are some essays that has attractive title and head. To give you some tip. You have to appeal your writings starting from titles. If you just right ‘Essay for Social Class’ it’s so boring. I know you wrote it for this class, you worked hard but it drops my or readers’ motivation to read your essay. So invest lots of time for your titles.”


Then Mr. Deal continued scanning class’s essay. He lined on lines that he likes with red pen. After reading for awhile he tapped his desk.


“I picked 5 people’s essay,” said Mr. Deal. “The selection criteria were title, like I previously stated. Second, how briefly and how deeply you communicated your intention. Last one is fascinating ways of seeing things and thinking about this topic.”


“Glad to not fit those criteria,” said Jessie.


“Patrick, Adalet, Mina, William, and Katy will be the ones who is going to do a brief presentation of their essay. How about going in alphabetical order? Adalet please come up.”


“I told you!” Adalet whispered to her sister and got out of her chair. She never noticed standing in front of the whole class was this difficult. She had made some speeches for their football team but this was different. Everyone was staring at Adalet with their sparkling eyes. Adalet felt her face heating up and her body shaking. She didn’t wanted to be a laughingstock for the class, but she wanted to throw up. She looked around the class. Her eyes met Jessie. Jessie was whispering “fighting!” to Adalet. She took a deep breath and finally started holding her shaking hand.

“Hi.. My name is Adalet.” Class laughed.


“I’m here to tell you about my standard toward our topic ‘women’s right’. I’ve kind of spent a long time cogitating about the exact position where women are placed now. Still I think we’re under men, and sadly that’s the reality of today. It’s kind of very depressing thing to tell because if I, no we think about how women supported men, the circumstances we’re facing right now, might have been different. Recently some boy told me women are being so greedy, that we should be grateful for what we have right now. When I heard that I was able to feel anger rapidly growing inside me, I hardly controlled myself from throwing my phone to him. Now? I thank him. He motivated me to work harder to prove that he’s wrong.”


Patrick avoided Adalet’s eyes.


“Nowadays more women’s rights movement is occurred around the globe. To define the definition of women’s rights movement is to fight for the idea that women should have equal rights with men. This means still women are not treated equally with men. The ‘me too movement’ can be one example of today’s movement. Also for who doesn’t know the exact meaning of rights of woman, women’s right include to live free from violence, discrimination, being educated, owning property, right to vote, and other things from every part of our life. “


“Now you might be curious, when did women started to be interested in their rights and fight for them? According to Google we started to fight for our rights starting from 1848. Elizabeth Cday Stanton was the first women’s rights activist. The first movement for women’s right was also occurred in 1848. As the result in 1920 we finally found our right to vote. Why this is so important? Women are the one who worked hard to get the country straight when men were out in the fight. If we didn’t do the cleaning, cooking, taking care of child(ren) and all those things, men would had less time to study, get smart and rule the country. Women are the hidden background and supporter of men being successful and heroic in their nation.”


“Because of men forgetting about how we helped them, they are the main reason why we had to start fighting for our right. Because of them not being grateful, all this happened. If they just remembered women’s aid they would never have thought that women are under men. We don’t have to do all this me too movement, we don’t have to accuse to the world of what man did to us, we don’t have to struggle to widen our activity area to show the world our potential and ability.”


“If they have just remembered our support, all this didn’t have to happen. If it was different from the history, the story we’re reading today might have been different. I want to amend that all of this is wrong from the start.”

“Sorry, if my speech was boring and low qualified but anyway thanks for listening.” Adalet smiled.


Class clapped. Jessie had her biggest smile on her face. Her thumbs were up. She saved the video in her phone that she has been taking. She took a photo of her sister standing in front of the class. In instargram, Jessie posted video and picture of Adalet with #OUTSTANDING #speaker ADALET #that’s MY SIS.


Howls Of The Wind

The door slammed shut as the girl decided she had been held captive in her own toxic house for too long. It was time to be freed. She didn’t know why, but her feet took off to someplace inviting: the park. 


The girl listened to the last person’s footsteps fade behind her second after second. When she heard nothing but the wind, she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, enjoying the relaxing sensation. The howls of the wind were the only sounds of nature she heard. There was none of that barking business from the dogs running across the plain field of grass nor was there the sound of bottles clashing with water. There was nothing to disrupt the peace. 


The girl opened her eyes once again, her electrifying blue eyes reflecting the glistening river. All around her were tall and leafless trees, the patches of grass that seemed to be dancing with the wind, and a big river traveling under the bridge the girl stood on. 


She had her bony hands wrapped tightly around short metal horizontal bars: the border that separated her from the river. The breath she had held in for so long escaped her lips, shown by the colorless cloud forming before her eye. Her gaze dilated to the moon, the breathtaking moon. She let the beauty sink in before she pressured more weight onto her hands as she lifted her legs above the bars. The cold night wind rushed against the girl’s face. She settled down on top of the bars before looking down at the view below her swaying feet. A heavy-hearted smile appeared on her lips. Below her was garbage floating along the beautiful river.


She felt her left foot come to contact with something light. A small candy wrapper that matched the color of the girl’s eyes came into view as it flew down in air beneath the girl’s feet. The girl shook her head disapprovingly, but she knew would camouflage with the water anyway. She watched the wrapper sink into the river, moving along with all the other trash. The wind tugged the girl's skin even harsher as if it was pleading for help. 





Scripts about Misogyny

Scene 1:

All: Women are birds trapped in a cage begging to be heard. But men...they try anything to climb up the social hierarchy.

Man pushes the women down, and makes motions not unlike a puppeteer and women shift to the direction of Man’s hands

Man: Not all men are misogynists, but you cannot deny that there are some men that truly believe that women are inferior.

Women make a pyramid(two on the bottom and one on the top) and man stands behind the pyramid. He pushes his arms from the center to the left and right. Women on the top of the pyramid fall off and crash on the ground.


Girls 1, 2, and 3: Misogyny is the death of the heart.

Scene 3: Arguments

Girls 1,2 and 3 all sitting down depressed.

Girl 1: Women will never be as strong as men. We were born to be weak.

Girl 2 stands up*

Girl 2: Don’t say that, we are as strong as men.

Girl 3: How can you say that when we’re being stepped on every day?

Girl 2 sits back down


Scene 4: Army

Women are standing in a line exercising(order: burpee + 3 squats + 3 jumping jacks + two situps + 20 seconds plank)

Man walks by and all stop. They get into the salute position.

Man: Women are too weak to fight in the army.

All girls drops their heads and their shoulders bend down / lacking energy position / slumped over

Girl 1: We are ready to sacrifice our lives for this country, and still, that isn’t enough.

Girl 2: We are told to go back home and take care of our children.

Girl 3: We are neglected because apparently, gender determines what you are in society.

Girls 1, 2, and 3: We are ready to die for the proud name of our country.



All holding arms up and showing off muscles

Girl 1: Women are not incompetent. Women are strong in their own way.

All point to heads and wink

Girl 2: Women are powerful.

Girl 3: Women are wise.

Girls 1, 2, and 3 huddle around and make a circle.

Girls 1, 2, and 3: Women have voices. Those voices need to be heard.

Man pushes Girls 1, 2, and 3. Girl 1, 2, and 3 fall down and collapse.

Man: Women are weak. They are powerless. They are inferior to men.

All: This is the time for change. Time for Women to have a voice. It is time for reform; time for a better future.


Scene 7: Dressing up

Man walks past women and whistles and says that she’s a 10/10

Girl 1: We are not mannequins.

Girl 2: We are not here for you to stare at.

Girl 3: We were not made to be ranked from 1-10.

Girl 1,2,3: We were not made to be called slut or whore. We are more than just Barbie girls…

Error music turns on

Error dance sequence

Man: Women are full of errors. Mistakes are just part of their scars.

Man sticks post-it notes on Girls 1, 2, and 3.(two times)

Girls 1, 2, and 3: Women are not failed experiments; they are deftly created, an avant garde...precious and ornate masterpiece.


Introducing Jeju’s “Yumin Art Nouveau Collection”

Entering the “Yumin Art Nouveau Collection,” an evident blend is seen between nature and modern architecture; the entrance to the collection allows visitors to interact with the nature’s water, wind, light, and sound. Constructed by Japan’s illustrated architect Tadao Ando, the collection is located in Jeju, South Korea – a place where the oceans and the mountains of Korea can be observed at once.​

The entrance to the collection.

The entrance to the collection - the mountains and the ocean of Jeju can be seen at once.

Hong Jingi (pseudonym Yumin), the former head of Joongang Daily. The glass artworks are special in that they were created through a form of art called “Art Nouveau”. Art Nouveau, meaning “new art” in French, is a form of art in the 19th century that embraced natural forms and structures, especially including those of plants and flowers. In the collection, the meticulously designed artworks of European artists Emile Gallé, Antonin Daum, Eugène Michel, and Gabriel Argy-Rouseau can be observed.


Some of the most well-known pieces of artwork in the collection include the mushroom lamps, created by Emile Gallé. Purely made of glass, Emile Gallé’s mushroom lamps powerfully illustrate the idea of nature through Art Nouveau style.

Mushroom Lamp – Emile Gallé                                 

Mushroom Lamp – Emile Gallé                                 

Jeju’s “Yumin Art Nouveau Collection” is a place that leaves room for visitors to not only interact with nature, but also understand a new style of art. Visiting the collection, a new view of earth’s nature can be gained.